Through SEnA, two workers get severance pay in one (1) sitting only

DAVAO CITY – Single Entry Assistance Desk Officer (SEADO) Nancy L. Lasquite facilitates the Request for Assistance (RFA) of both parties of Taodhrama, Inc. Two (2) workers namely Meriam Superada and Mark John Malalis get their severance pay from the management in the total amount of P52,554.58 in one (1) sitting only. The final settlement includes separation pay, salary earned, conversion of unused leave credits, tax refund and prorated 13th month pay.

This RFA was filed on May 30, 2016 and was then docketed as RCMB-XI-DDS-SENA-05-007-2016.

The payment of the severance pay was then given and was deemed settled and closed from the business calendar of the branch effective the same day May 30, 2016.

Ms. Superada, and Mr. Malalis were both sales consultant of the said company for four and eight months respectively. However, their employment was ceased due to retrenchment effective May 14, 2016. The termination of their employment was declared by management as a reflection of the current adverse business conditions. In connection with this, the management requested the assistance of this office to facilitate and witness the payment of their final pay.

Taodharma, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Tao Community of Companies located at TAO Technology Group Bldg., P. Antonio St., corner Legaspi St., Ugong, Pasig City. (Sheila A. Rivera, LIO-designate)