Supreme Court Decision Affirms

VA Decision


Supreme Court affirmed the assailed decision and resolution of the Court of Appeals on the labor dispute between SUMIFRU (Philippines) Corp. and UBC SUMIFRU Salaysay Workers Union-Associated Labor Union (ALU)-Trade Union Congress of the Phil. and Orlando Villamor and of Voluntary Arbitrator.

Atty. Art Tan, one of the Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board decided on the issue, “Whether the dismissal of Mr. Orlando Villamor is legal based on CBA provision on management prerogative and interpretation and implementation of company personnel policy” and ordered to pay respondent Orlando Villamor separation pay one month salary per year of service reckoned from the date of his regular employment until his termination on January 12, 2017.

SUMIFRU (Phils.) Corp., however, filed Petition for Review under Rule 43 of the Rules of Court to the CA.

Court of Appeals denied the appeal and affirmed with modification the decision of AVA Tan and ordered the management to pay respondent backwages plus separation pay.

Likewise, Supreme Court resolved to affirm the decision of the CA and the VA.


Hence, respondent tendered payment to Villamor in the amount of P433,874 before the presence of VA Tan on July 25, 2019 at RCMBXI office.

Voluntary Arbitration is a mode of settling labor-management disputes by which parties select a competent, trained and impartial person who shall decide on the merits of the case and whose decision is final, executory and binding.