Amidst struggles during the pandemic, Pilipino Cable Corporation (PCC) with 48 union members, attains an estimated monetary benefit worth of 2,231,250 pesos, upon agreement between the Union and the Management on their CBA package for 2020-2022. This agreement also rendered the settlement of the Notice of Strike filed by the Pilipino Cable Corporation Davao Employees Union – PMA – SENTRO (PCCDEU-PMA-SENTRO) last April 15, 2021.

PCCDEU-PMA-SENTRO filed a Notice of Strike against Pilipino Cable Corporation (PCC) last February 1, 2021 on the issue of Collective Bargaining Deadlock of thirty-five (35) political provisions and forty-two (42) economic provisions. Following their submission of strike vote results with the majority of members favored to stage strike last February 17, 2021, the strike ban period lapsed last March 10, 2021. This meant that the Union Members could legally proceed with their strike, with a possibility of rendering enormous damage to the company.

Due to the numerous provisions on the CBA negotiation that needs to be settled, the Branch conducted several marathon conferences. Some conferences even continued after midnight. Priority and vital provisions were also identified to focus on the provisions that were more beneficial to the employees.

Prior to the national holidays during the Holy Week, the Branch feared that situation would devolve further to instant picketing or strike due to both parties snailing in the CBA negotiation. To improve chances of this case being resolved, the Union, the Management and the Branch revisited the proposals including the Branch’s proposal to some priority and vital provisions. This stimulated further discussion from the two parties.

Another positive outcome yielded from these negotiations was the regularization of three individuals who was outsourced by the company for a long period of time. Moreover, the company granted its employees a unique humanitarian policy among private entities during the pandemic allowing employees to avail 10 days paid leave if they are tested positive of COVID. Moreover, workers in contact with COVID-positive individuals and those affected by lockdown shall be allowed to a work-from-home arrangement.

All things considered, the Union and the Management reached a settlement agreement on April 15, 2021. Both parties agreed to the signing of their CBA on May 5, 2021 at the plant level.

Photo taken during the online conference last April 15, 2021

Pilipino Cable Corporation is primarily engaged in cable lines and internet connectivity services.  Its principal office is at Piatos Bldg., Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City. It employs 50 male workers and 15 female employees. The company is led by its General Manager, Mr. Jerico P. Marcos.

Pilipino Cable Corporation Davao Employees Union – PMA – SENTRO is a legitimate labor organization duly registered with the Department of Labor and Employment, located at Piatos Bldg., Cabaguio Avenue, Davao City, and is likewise represented by its Local President Mr. Gregorio M. Soledad, Jr., and the Federation representative, Mr. Rodel P. Abenoja.  It has 48 union-members, 39 of which are male and 9 are female. Gary B. Bonghanoy