The Davao Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators Organization (DAVAO), Inc. in partnership with the Regional Branch, has successfully capacitated the first batch of Holcim Davao Supervisory Independent Union (HDSIU) employees on April 14, 2021, and the second batch on April 28, 2021.

With the renewal of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between Holcim Philippines Incorporation and HDSIU last March 2021, the Union saw it fit to enhance their members’ capacity towards (1) grievance machinery and voluntary arbitration, (2) workers’ and management rights and (3) CBA proposal preparation. They asked the Branch for assistance to coordinate with DAVAO, Inc. in the conduct of a seminar.

To ensure the quality of the seminar and that every union-member were given enough attention to verify their learnings, HDSIU requested to split the seminar in four batches with the schedule for the third and fourth batches on May 19 and May 26, 2021, respectively.

Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators (AVA) Ronieto B. Bata, AVA Napoleon U. Trillañes and their President, AVA Alfredo C. Olvida were the resource speakers of the seminar.  

AVA Bata discussed the importance and legal basis of Grievance Machinery and Voluntary Arbitration. “The Philippine constitution, the labor code and the policies of the Department of Labor and Employment provide the use of voluntary modes in settling disputes. Instead of filing violations and cases, it is better if parties could settle their disputes through their grievance mechanism first.” Bata explained. AVA Bata also emphasized that if the grievance is not resolved at the plant level, the labor has the authority to submit the issue to Voluntary Arbitration.

“There is a need to clearly delineate between management prerogatives and employees right to participate to avoid conflict and maintain industrial peace.” AVA Trillanes said as he talked about the workers’ rights and management’s prerogative. He further added “It is the mandate and obligation of supervisors and union officers to tap and develop their employees’ skills and to empower them so they could attain what is expected of them.” He also cited various cases which was decided by the supreme court on issues on the transfer of employees, redundancy, retrenchment, disciplining/dismissal of employees, and loss of trust and confidence, among others.

On another note, AVA Olvida gave a lecture on CBA Proposal Presentation and the CBA Negotiation process. “The constitution allows employees to self-organization and to collectively bargain for their rights and benefits. They are also granted the right to peaceful concerted activities such as a strike”. Olvida highlighted.

Second Batch of Skills Enhancement Seminar last April 28, 2021

Holcim Philippines Inc. Davao Plant is a manufacturing company for cement. It is primarily located at Bo. Ilang, Tibungco, Davao City. The company employs 27 female employees and 244 male workers. It is led by their President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Horia Adrian.

Holcim Davao Supervisory Independent Union is a legitimate labor organization duly registered with the Department of Labor and Employment located at Bo. Ilang, Tibungco, Davao City, and is likewise represented by its Union President Mr. Jeremias S. Biliran. It has 99 union-members, 81 of which are male and 18 are female.

DAVAO, Inc. is an association of AVAs who handles voluntary arbitration cases. There are 10 active voluntary arbitrators in Davao Region as of this date. Gary B. Bonghanoy