Once again, RCMBXI exhausts employee’s latent skills to build simple and safety fixtures to make face-to-face negotiations for labor cases safe.

Many of the Branch’s constituents have requested the organization to make face to face transactions available since they found online conferences difficult. The key reason being that they believe they would be able to negotiate better terms if both labor and union parties meet face-to-face.

In an effort to grant this request possible as soon as the ban for face-to-face transactions of DOLE-NCMB conciliation and facilitation services are lifted, the Branch built three simple barrier-fixtures last August 7, 2020, sourcing the needed labor and woodworking skills from permanent employees only. These simple barriers were engineered by lodging transparent plastic covers affixed to wooden frames in the center of long tables.

RCMBXI Employees demonstrates face-to-face meetings in the new normal

During face-to-face meetings, guests are required to wear face masks and face shields due to the limited space available. Only three representatives from labor and three from management are allowed to attend.  The photo above demonstrates how both parties will meet during face-to-face meetings.

“I express my appreciation to my colleagues who used their supplementary skills and do menial labor outside of their scope of duties. This has allowed the organization to save money as well as expedite the work process”, OIC-Director Aerrine Marie Reyes declared. Gary Bonghanoy