The Regional Branch of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board in Davao City saved 91,683.90 pesos for building rental in 2021 while gaining a new look from fresh repainting.

Armando Realty Corporation, building owner of the five-story AMQ Building, located at Manuel L. Quezon Boulevard, Davao City, has informed the office that they will be increasing lease amount by 10% for 2021 when the Branch conducted a price quotation for lease of space.

Noting that it be costly for the Branch to move to a new office, not to mention a lot of effort, the Branch wrote a letter to Armando to reconsider the price increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, Armando was amiable to the request and agreed to maintain the annual rental fee of 916,839 pesos for the five-story building.

On another note, the whole AMQ Building was last painted in the early 2000. Only after four years from its occupation in 2013 did the Branch requested the building owners to repaint the whole AMQ building. The said request was finally granted by the end of 2020. Armando hired five paintors and provided the supplies needed for the whole building refurbishing.

Now, after two months of labor, the Branch humbly presents its beautiful building and welcomes its walk-in clients with greater confidence and dignity.

The Branch’s look last year (left) and now in its new look (right)

“I am grateful to Armando Realty Corporation for granting our two requests despite the pandemic. Your decision to retain the price for lease of space despite the rising inflation has allowed the government to save money and to put those money to a better use to support our functions as NCMB. In addition, your grant to repaint the building has allowed us to regain a bit of glory and dignity. As public servants representing the Republic of the Philippines, a bit of more of dignity will allows us to serve our clients proudly and better.” Regional Branch Director Aerrine Marie Reyes stated her appreciation to our lessor.

Armando Realty Corporation is primarily located at the fifth floor, AMQ Building, Agdao, Dacudao Avenue, Davao City. It is headed by its President, Ms. Conchita Gabi – Quibod. Gary B. Bonghanoy