One after the other, the Regional Branch successfully conducted three seminars entitled “Workplace Cooperation and Partnership Programs” in the fourth week of September 2021 for the setting-up of Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) and Grievance Machinery (GM) and Voluntary Arbitration (VA) programs.

The Branch conducted plant-level orientation seminar at Holy Cross of Davao College Inc. (HCDCI) via Zoom last September 21, 2021. There were 143 participants, of which 38 came from the management, 66 from the faculty, and 39 from the non-teaching personnel who joined in the virtual seminar. The faculty and non-teaching personnel both represented the employee’s sector. On the other hand, management representatives who attended this seminar include the school president, vice president for operations, HR manager, department heads, program heads, coordinators and supervisors.

Online Seminar via Zoom at HCDCI

The Branch conducted the second plant-level orientation seminar at AD manpower services through face-to-face last September 22, 2021. There were 11 individuals with representation from both management and workers who attended this activity.

Plant-Level Orientation Seminar at AD Manpower Services

The third seminar was conducted at Black Fighter Security Agency Inc. (BFSAI) through face-to-face last September 24, 2021. In attendance were 15 participants, six male and three females coming from management while four male and two female were workers. Most of the workers’ representatives were security guards.

Plant-Level Orientation Seminar at Black Fighter Security Agency Inc.

HCDCI is a private and research catholic college institution. It is categorized as a large enterprise with a total employment of 286 employees, with 155 male workers and 131 female employees. This institution is headed by its school president, Bro. Noelvic Deloria.

AD Manpower Services is a manpower service provider located at Brgy. Guihing, Hagonoy, Davao del Sur. For the last ten (10) years, the company has been providing manpower to Lapanday Foods Corporation. It has a total workforce of 150 employees, of which 100 are male workers and 50 are female employees.

BFSAI is the security provider of Robinson Place in Tagum City and Davao Metro Shuttle Corporation. The company belongs to administrative and support service activities industry and employs a total workforce of 441 employees, of which 390 are male employees and 51 female employees.

These companies showed their willingness to set up bi-partite plant-level mechanisms – LMC and GM-VA programs. Hence, the branch facilitated four LMC and GMs for the three companies. Gary B. Bonghanoy