RCMBXI Starts the Year 2020 with Five LMC Facilitations

“We conducted orientation seminars to five companies this January,” OIC-Director announced today.

The branch conducted the first plant level orientation seminar for the year to promote and facilitate the main programs of National Conciliation and Mediation Board namely Labor Management Cooperation (LMC), Grievance Machinery (GM) and Voluntary Arbitration (VA) and Conciliation-mediation to CH Beatisula, Inc. (CHBI) and CH Beatisula Engineering Consultancy (CHBEC) on January 28, 2020 at Café Demitasse, F. Torres St., Davao City.

“We are happy that we have agencies like NCMB that conduct seminars like this because one day is not enough for us to address issues and concerns in the company,” Evelyn Beatisula, Vice-President of CHBI and CHBEC and wife of the President, Engr. Cary Beatisula.


“LMC can be of big help to us especially that we have 18 drilling teams who go to far- flung areas. Our means of monitoring them is through phone calls,” Ms. Sarrah Beatisula, Corporate Secretary of CHBI stressed out.

The branch facilitated a seminar for CHBI on December 12, 2018 while CHBEC was just facilitated on January 28. CHBEC is the engineering arm of CHBI, a service contractor engaged in the services of subsurface soil exploration, laboratory soil tests and preparation of geotechnical report, structural design, analysis and plans.  It is expanding operations in the entire island of Mindanao.  This year, the company is expanding to a new level to maintain dominance in the services of subsurface soil exploration, soil testing and geotechnical evaluation.

The following day, January 29, 2020, the branch also conducted a seminar at its office at AMQ Bldg. to four security agencies namely Multishield Security Services, Inc., Mitras Security Agency, ACD Investigation Security Agency and Philippine Vetus Security Force, Inc.



 “This time we want to prioritize the needs of security agencies because we know that many security agencies have filed cases in either DOLE or NLRC.  Our aim is to help them put up a bipartite mechanism in their respective agency that can prevent if not minimize filed cases,” OIC-Director Reyes emphasized.  Sheila A. Rivera