RCMBXI shares Techniques on Conciliation-mediation at Barangay Sasa


“RCMBXI conducted learning session on techniques of conciliation and mediation and workshop on August 30, 2019 entitled “Katarungang Pambarangay Seminar” to Lupon members, staff and Purok leaders and Barangay Officials of Barangay Sasa, Davao City which was held at D’ Leonor Inland Resort,” OIC-Director announced today.

Conciliator-mediator Oliver Jao shared his experience and know-how on conciliation-mediation and facilitation of settlement of labor disputes and conducted workshop to more or less 76 participants.

This was a two day capacity building of the barangay to enhance their skills and knowledge in conciliation-mediation of several issues that may be brought in the barangay.

Con-med Jao emphasized that NCMB facilitates labor disputes that involves existence of employer-employee relationship. Sheila A. Rivera