Davao City – The branch headed by OIC-Director Aerrine Marie Reyes piloted networking and linkage with the Local Government Units in Davao, Digos and Sta. Cruz and some companies in the south cluster on January 25 and February 7, 2019.


Dir. Reyes together with Conciliator-mediator Oliver Jao and the technical staff initially made a courtesy visit at the Office of the City Mayor of Davao Sarah Duterte-Carpio on January 25, 2019.

“We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for welcoming us in the Mayor’s office through Atty. Raul Nadela, Jr., Chief of Staff,” Reyes said.

“We came here to your office to help us promote industrial peace in our region because we want to prevent any labor problems to develop into a full blown labor dispute.  That is why we would like to partner with you in this undertaking,” Reyes added.


The team also went to the south area on February 7 to give courtesy visit at the Office of the City Mayor of Digos Joseph R. Peñas, CPA with the assistance of Atty. Gary Einstein Taghoy, City Legal Officer.


The team then proceeded to the LGU in Sta. Cruz.

“We were very grateful for spending your time with us and had the chance to discuss with you on the programs of NCMB and hopefully introduce the programs in the companies in the area,” Reyes emphasized during the meeting.


The team met Mr. Neil Capuno, Business and Licensing Section Officer III, Business and Licensing Section together with Mr. “Ojie” Martel, PESO Manager and Economic and Enterprise Manager and other representatives of the Office of the Mayor who really took time to meet and have a dialogue with the branch.

The dialogue with the three LGUs was very fruitful as they all responded positively in this move.  Likewise, they were very open to establish linkage and partnership with the branch.

The branch extended its chance to visit in some companies namely Cor Jesu College, Yamada Technology Corp. (formerly known as Nakayama Technology Corp.) and Franklin Baker, Inc.

“This is aimed to monitor the impact of LMC in their organization and sustain the program as much as possible,” Dir. Reyes said.

Ms. Gertrudes Rosal, HR Manager of Cor Jesu College warmly welcomed the team for the initiative.  “It is very timely because we need somebody to help us strengthen our institution considering that the school is expanding in line with the K to 12 program,” Ms. Rosal emphasized.

Dir. Reyes stressed out on the query of unionism, “LMC is not there to promote unionism nor dissolve its existence. LMC is a program that can help strengthen workplace cooperation and partnership whether the company has a union or not.”

From there, the team visited Yamada Technology Corp. Ms. Shirley Bangot, HR Manager together with Mr. Darren dela Peña, union president cordially welcomed the group.

Ms. Bangot said “Our labor relation now is pretty good because we discuss our issues and concerns through LMC.” Mr. dela Peña also affirmed.

The branch conducted an orientation on the programs of NCMB when it was still Nakayama Technology Corp. way back in September 10, 2014.

Dir. Reyes stated, “We are very happy to see you also happy.  Now, we are visiting you as your social partner in industrial relation and that we see each other not because of a labor dispute.”

Linkage with LGUs already started in 2011 under the leadership of the late Dir. Isidro Cepeda known as Early Warning System Project (EWSP) which was utilized in Sta. Cruz. Unfortunately, it was not sustained nor materialized in other LGUs.  Nevertheless, the branch is starting to revive it under the initiative and leadership of Dir. Reyes.

The branch continues to visit some LGUs and companies in the region to promote the programs of NCMB.