The Regional Branch had recently conducted meetings with the Association of Labor Management Cooperation Practitioners (ALMACOP) Davao Chapter and the Davao Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators Organization, Inc. (DAVAO, INC.) last November 19 and 20, 2020, respectively.

During the meeting, the Branch gathered that ALMACOP Davao Chapter will be organizing a seminar regarding the DTI-DOLE interim guidelines on COVID prevention on December 11, 2020. Moreover, the activity shall highlight the resiliency as well as the best practices performed by its members in surviving COVID while endeavoring to guide members on how they may integrate themselves to the changes brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Branch committed to actively participate and to encourage our other stakeholders to attend this endeavor.

In addition, ALMACOP Davao Chapter gains applaud from RCMBXI. “Despite the fact that your own members are suffering from income loss in these trying times, your organization is still willing to send financial aid to the victims of Typhoon Ulysses in Region 2. We laud your organization’s altruistic core values.” stated OIC-Director Aerrine Marie Reyes to ALMACOP’s chosen corporate social responsibility endeavor. The Davao chapter will be sending 15,000 pesos financial assistance to their chapter counterpart in Region 2.

Online Meeting with ALMACOP Davao Chapter last November 19, 2020

On another note, DAVAO, Inc. resolved to conduct their election of officials this December 17, despite being delayed for a year due to the pandemic. The Branch also reminded the Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators (AVA) that the NCMB Central Office will be conducting the “Continuing Education Seminar for AVAs” on November 23-24, 2020. The said seminar was attended by five AVAs from Davao region.

Online Meeting with DAVAO INC. last November 20, 2020

The Association of Labor Management Cooperation Practitioners Davao Chapter or known as ALMACOP is an organization of union officers and management representatives who practiced Labor Management Cooperation in their respective companies. The Davao Chapter of ALMACOP has a membership of at least 100.

DAVAO, Inc. is an association of AVAs who handles voluntary arbitration cases. There are 13 active voluntary arbitrators in Davao Region as of this date. Gary B. Bonghanoy