GOOD NEWS | Davao City – Branch joins the celebration for the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary hosted by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) with the Decade Long- Theme: Transforming Public Service in the Next Decade: Honing Agile and Future-Ready Servant Heroes.

The CSC has organized a month-long and weekly series of activities in September to dedicate the occasion. Among these activities, the Branch participated in three weekly events conducted via livestream and a virtual family day at the end of the month.

The Branch first joined the one-hour virtual Physical Exercise and Aerobic as a kick off activity last September 6, 2021 wherein the Philippine National Police led the exhausting but refreshing Zumba session.

“Everybody was excited for the group exercise. We even agreed to uniformly wear pink exercise clothes to be comfortable. When the aerobics began, everybody was giving it their best effort to dance and follow the steps of the instructors. The exercise was really refreshing and I believe it really benefited us not only physically but also mentally. Physical health and mental health of government officials should really be cared for especially during the pandemic. We need more of this. It’s good the exercise was recorded on Facebook, we could reuse it.” Regional Branch Director Aerrine Marie R. Reyes stated.

Relatedly, the Branch also organized an annual internal weighing competition to encourage the employees to remain physically fit. Employees can win as the biggest mass gainer, biggest mass loser, and biggest mass maintainer.

The second activity joined by the Branch was the webinar “Tips for Plantitos and Plantitas” last September 13, 2021. The webinar showcased various types of plants that could be planted and sold. These plants include ornamental plants and vegetables. For vegetables, a calendar was even showcased to portray the best time to plant in a home garden setting.

Lastly, the Branch joined the webinar entitled “Demonstration on Meat Processing” last September 14, 2021. The webinar showed a video documentation on how to make various types of processed meat such as Tocino and Longaniza.

“The videos showed us the making of Tocino and Longaniza is really easy and selling these products are profitable. For those making ends meet in the government service, these livelihood initiatives could really help their families survive.” Reyes commented.

The Branch intends to celebrate the Virtual Family Day on September 30, 2021 as their finishing activity in celebration of the 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary. Gary B. Bonghanoy