“NCMB-RBXI facilitated the settlement of another maritime Request for Assistance (RFA) on December 26, 2018 on the issue of disability benefits” Aerrine Marie R. Reyes, OIC-Director announced today.

Albert S. Olamit, the requesting party filed RFA in the branch for disability benefits due to chronic bony bankart lesion, right shoulder dislocation.  He was employed under Merfolk Shipping, Inc., Catal Co., Ltd./Toritec Co. Ltd. in 2013 as seaman which lasted for four (4) years.

Sheila A. Rivera, Labor and Employment Officer (LEO) III, facilitated the SEnA with three conciliation conferences. Finally, management manifested an offer to Olamit which he, likewise agreed.  Hence, parties finally reached an amicable settlement.

Both parties were very thankful with NCMB that despite the schedule which was declared non-working day by President Rodrigo Duterte on December 21, 2018, Friday to give a full opportunity for government employees to celebrate Christmas with their family and loved ones, the office was still willing to facilitate.

“This is also a great Christmas present for Olamit,” Rivera said.  We are happy because despite the distance, requesting party is from Compostela Valley while Meighan E. Sembrano, management representative is from Manila who went in her hometown to be with her family, as well, both appeared in the office to fully settle the issue.

Request for Assistance is filed under the Single Entry Approach program of all DOLE and attached agencies of DOLE.  This is a 30 day mandatory conciliation mediation service which seeks to provide a speedy, impartial, inexpensive and accessible settlement arising from labor and employment issues.

Merfolk Shipping, Inc. is a manning and crewing services located at Suite 601 and 603 Bel-Air Apartment, 1020 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila.