“In celebration of the Nutrition Month, I propose a company meal filled with nutrition-filled cuisine”, OIC-Director Aerrine Reyes announced a week before the end of July.

Excited with this prospect, employees of RCMBXI volunteered to share their homemade nutritious food for lunch last July 28, 2020.

Vegetable dishes, roasted fish, tofu, assorted fruits, rice, cucumber juice and “vegetable-mixed embotido”, otherwise known as inlays, filled the table. Newly harvested pechay and lettuces from the Branch’s rooftop greenhouse made the dishes more appetizing. Homemade desert such as “sapin-sapin” and leche flan effected an enjoyable and highly satisfying meal.

The Branch believes that celebrating the Nutrition Month via company meals is a vital move especially in these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the Branch’s way to remind our personnel and citizens that they should imbibe nutritious and homecooked meals to ensure a healthy diet and a stronger immune system.

The month of July had been designated as “Nutrition Month” through Presidential Decree No. 491 of 1974. It was created to highlight the importance of addressing malnutrition as a vital part of social reform and economic development. Gary Bonghanoy