The Branch conducted its online enhancement seminar on Employees Compensation Commission (ECC) updates last November 26, 2020 via Zoom with 19 companies in attendance.

Mr. Albert Bantan, Information Officer II of ECC Regional Extension Unit XI, discussed the Employees Compensation Program (ECP) and their newly developed initiatives to address loss of employment due to COVID exposure. “As long as your employees can prove that their contraction of COVID is work-related, the ECC can provide them cash assistance, technical assistance and even permanent pension, in exceptional circumstances, to help them find alternative source of income. In addition, the same assistance is extended towards work-connected contingencies such as sickness, injury, disability or death.” stated Bantan.

Like the Social Security System (SSS) and the Government Social Insurance System (GSIS), ECC provides insurance against sickness and incapacitation. Moreover, in the case of permanent incapacitation resulting to the loss of a major body part such as limbs or eyes, which severely hampers or make it impossible to continue their current employment, the ECC provides business incubation trainings and financial assistance for them to start their own business. Bantan further announced that work-related accidents that occurred not more than a year ago can still be filed in the ECC.

“In these times of pandemic, where job security is a major concern for the employees and their families, we believe that by simply knowing government programs that provides aid such as of ECC, will provide great comfort and be morally lifting.” expressed Director Aerrine Marie R. Reyes of the Branch.

The Employee Compensation Commission is a government corporation attached to the Department of Labor and Employment which is mandated to implement the Employees Compensation Program (ECP). ECC-Regional Extension Unit XI is located at the 4th floor, Davao Ching Printers Bldg. corner Dacudao Avenue and Lakandula St., Davao City. Gary B. Bonghanoy