“We took part together with my technical personnel and Information Technology (IT) focal on the briefing of Chief of Research and Information Division (RID) Marife Fausto and Mr. Ramir D. Peleo on google suite as seminar platform through google zoom application this morning,” OIC-Director Reyes announced today.

This was in preparation for the adoption of the “new normal” amidst the implementation of the community quarantine in the Philippines which vary from modified enhanced community quarantine to general community quarantine to modified general community quarantine at this time where face to face meetings or activities is not permitted as a parameter of the the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) in addressing the danger of the spread of COVID19 pandemic.

“We were able to learn about the features of G-Suite and Zoom applications which can be utilized as platforms of promoting the programs of NCMB,” Dir. Reyes stated.

The Board is up to the possibility of conducting a seminar online or “webinar” to clients using primarily internet-based technology such as online video meetings, teleconferencing and other means of communication through social media. The branch, likewise, is open to introduce this new “mode” to its clients and social partners.

As part of the agency’s mandate, there is a need to implement changes in the advocacy of the labor management cooperation and grievance settlement programs while ensuring the safety and protection of the technical staff and the clients that we serve.

The said briefing as our Deputy Executive Director “Tess” Audea emphasized is the start of NCMB’s webinar to continue to capacitate all the staff.

 The Board is on the process of ironing out this “new challenge” to continue the promotion of its programs particularly Conciliation-mediation, Labor Management Cooperation in integration with Gender and Development and Grievance Machinery and Voluntary Arbitration and help them reachable for the clients.