“Suicide rates in the Philippines is underreported … A lot of stress and depressed individuals do not report their dilemma in fear of discrimination and losing their job … Especially now, we must take action against mental health issues which is being escalated by the Covid-19 pandemic”, Dr. Miriam P. Cue, Resource Speaker, stressed during the free webinar of the Regional Branch last August 11, 2020.

On an effort to combat mental health issues, RCMB XI launched its free webinar on “Managing Mental Health issues in the workplace” for its immediate stakeholders. More than 140 participants attended in this undertaking with the following classifications:  80 participants from unionized companies; 35 participants from non-unionized companies; 16 NCMB employees; and 12 interested individuals. Moreover, 74 companies registered with the Branch were enhanced on this activity.

Topics discussed during the seminar includes:

  • Importance of Mental Health
  • Difference of Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Stress Test
  • Stress Management and Coping Techniques
  • Mental Health crisis as the 3rd wave after pandemic
  • Role of companies in stress management
  • Dimensions of Wellness

“Employees must learn to manage their mental health through proper stress management. Employers must revisit their policies to ensure mental healthiness within the organization. Mentally healthy employees are efficient, productive and positively contributes to a healthy work environment” concluded Dr. Cue in her closing statements.

“A mentally healthy organizations will have a better communication culture, thus leading to better understanding between management and employees, thus leading to having more agreeable concessions between the management and employees.”, OIC-Director Aerrine Reyes quoted during the closing remarks.

Dr. Miriam P. Cue is a registered Psychologist, registered Psychometrician, registered Guidance Counselor, and Internationally Certified Addiction Professional 3. She is currently the Chairperson of the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology, Psychologist-Psychotherapist and Director of Psychological Services at New Day Recovery Center, Inc., and a Global Master Trainer of the Universal Treatment Curriculum for substance use disorder. Gary Bonghanoy