Region XI – The Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch XI successfully conducts a special training and workshop on Gender Sensitivity at Mindanao Corrugated Fibreboard, Inc., Km. 12, Sasa, Davao City on August 3, 2016.

The whole day activity is aimed at strengthening gender sensitivity to empower women employees to become potential leaders and to encourage men and women employees to be more gender-sensitive within their workplace as well as within their respective family and community, as a whole.  Hence, it is expected to nurture a more cooperative labor and management representatives and enhance a better labor and management relations.

The Branch’ Technical Staff and OIC Director lectured about Gender Sensitivity and some laws that support gender and development such as Magna Carta of Women and emphasized the “Special Leave Benefit for Women”, the Anti-Sexual Harassment Law and Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children.

Participants were given a workshop to pin down interests and  draw out gender issues and biases which they have encountered and experienced in their day to day activities at work and at home.

Indeed, union and management enjoyed their sharing and challenging opinions during the open forum on Anti Sexual harassment Law and Anti-VAWC of which some issues on gender prejudice were manifested.

The activity was attended by 35 participants.  They were all the representatives of their LMC convergence of programs structure.

Mr. Kenneth Bergado, HR Manager was very grateful of the additional knowledge imparted to them.  “It was such a very substantive session”, he said.

Mindanao Corrugated Fibreboard, Inc. was facilitated in 2009 with its LMC named as Employees Management Committee (EMC). Its LMC was converged on October 26, 2015 wherein all focal persons of each program such as the family welfare, productivity, general labor standards, occupational safety and health, employees’ compensation and LMC as the mother committee conducted a plant-level orientation.  Presently, their LMC was converged since their different committees such as spiritual and sports were grouped under the Family Welfare Committee.  The said committee and all other committees such as occupational safety and health, productivity, decorum and investigation and socio-civic served as the sub-committees under the steering committee of LMC.

The branch commended the company for holding another milestone to their LMC program and huge   accomplishments last year. In fact, they are holding annual EMC day to celebrate and recognize the best LMC practices in each committee.

In 2015, the occupational safety and health (OSH) committee got the best EMC entry.  One unique practice they have is the playing of short safety and health video clips at their canteen TV during break time.

They have also a trash-to-cash program under the socio-civic committee which is a recycling program in coordination with barangay Sasa and City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) to encourage the coastal community in Sasa sustain a clean-up drive in their area.

Mindanao Corrugated Fibreboard, Inc. is a subsidiary company of San Miguel Corporation located at Km. 12 Sasa, Davao City headed by Mr. Rey B. Gudian, Plant Manager.

MINCORR Independent Workers Union is the legitimate labor organization of MINCORR headed by Mr. Joel Bañas, Union President.  Sheila A. Rivera, LIO-designate