RCMB XI conducts first LMC facilitation at Highland Banana Corp.-Sirib Plantation


NCMB-RBXI conducted its first LMC facilitation and GM Operationalization for the year 2018 at Highland Banana Corp.-Sirib Plantation on January 23, 2018.  This was held at their office at HBC-Subasta Multi-Purpose Hall, Calinan, Davao City.

“LMC is one of the programs which NCMB is mandated to promote.  It is one of the mechanisms that help address and resolve workplace issues.  It has helped to build mutual trust between labor and management. It serves as a forum or avenue for information sharing, consultation and communication on issues which are beneficial to the company”, states Nancy L. Lasquite, Supervising LEO.

One significant impact of LMC in HBC-Sirib is that their collective bargaining agreement (CBA) was concluded a day after the conduct of orientation seminar of NCMB-RBXI.  “We just concluded our first CBA”, Mr. Larry Carmen, Personnel and Admin. Manager announced on January 24, 2018.

Highland Banana Corp. has been embracing the LMC program in their organization.  It is quite evident since this is the fifth plantation of HBC that NCMB-RBXI has facilitated.  The first one was at Highland Banana Corp.-Guianga and Sirib Plantations which was facilitated on November 29, 2014.  Next was at Highland Banana Corp.-Toril Plantation on December 3, 2014.  Then, at Highland Banana Corp.-Pangyan Plantation on May 9, 2015.   The fourth one was at HBC-Subasta Plantation on July 21, 2016.


In terms of product line, they have a unique characteristic from other banana industries since they produce less chemical bananas, the upland eco bananas and the friendly bananas. They, too export these products to Japan.

Highland Banana Corp.-Sirib Plantation is one of the plantations of Tristar Group of Banana Companies, the banana production and exporting arm of the JVA Group.  Tristar Group of Banana Companies is a wholly-owned Filipino enterprise.  It has a total workforce of 265.

It is an organized company and its union name is Highland Banana Corp. Sirib Labor Union.  It has total union members of 223 represented by its Union President Ruben V. Putane.  Sheila A. Rivera, LIO-Designate