Following the Davao City’s mandate to engage in regular disinfection in frequently visited areas, the Branch coordinated with the Davao City Health Office (DCHO) to perform office disinfection last July 30, 2020.

DCHO sent four personnel armed with complete PPEs to completely disinfect the Branch’s building. They used a spraying equipment powered by gasoline to discharge strong disinfectants in the form of mist. One DCHO personnel reported that they even sprayed on the walls to ensure complete disinfection.

Employees of RCMBXI covered their digital devices and documents with plastic to prevent damage caused by chemical intrusion.  Moreover, in consideration to potential harm caused by presence of chemicals in the air, its speed of dispersion, and the closed ventilation system of the building, OIC-Director Aerrine Reyes opted to suspend work for the day.

RCMBXI is grateful for the services given by the City in the prevention and mitigation of COVID-19 spread. Gary Bonghanoy

DCHO and RCMBXI personnel, after the disinfection