Davao City – NCMB Regional Branch XI through SEADO Donald Orben D. Lictawa facilitated the settlement of the monetary claims of Ms. Chanda Simbajon, a medical representative of Alkem Laboratories Corporation.

On March 6, 2017, during the scheduled initial conference, the management representative called up to inform that they cannot attend the conference because it would be very expensive on its part to attend the scheduled conference considering the distance of its main office in Makati City and Davao City.

With the commendable initiative of Mr. Lictawa in utilizing the present communication technology, he was able to persuade the parties to a conciliation conference with only the requesting party personally attending the conference and the requested party Alkem Laboratories was put on the line.

In just two (2) hours of negotiation through telephone conference and exchange of emails, Mr. Lictawa assisted the parties to amicably settle all the issues. On March 13, 2017, requesting party Ms. Simbajon informed Mr. Lictawa that she already received her monetary benefits with the total monetary benefits of Thirty Two Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Two Pesos and 70/100 (Php32,462.70) on March 10, 2017 and signed the Settlement Agreement in this office with the Release Waiver and Quitclaim sent by the management.

Ms. Simbajon commended the Regional Branch and Mr. Lictawa for his efforts and initiative made to settle the said RFA. JED A. BADILLES