NCMB-RBXI Settles Bargaining Deadlock at PJACC

NCMB-RBXI settles Preventive Mediation case at Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corp. in two sittings only benefitting 123 workers with an estimated monetary benefit of P7,393,820.00, OIC-Director Aerrine Marie Reyes announced today.

On June 2, 2017, Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa PJAC-Federation of Democratic Labor Organization filed a Preventive Mediation case for bargaining deadlock.

During the initial conciliation conference on June 14, 2017, the union validated thirteen (13) deadlock items covering wage or salary increase, educational assistance, educational loan, signing bonus, collective union leave, service awards, vacation leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, calamity leave, midyear bonus, hospitalization and medical services of employees and direct dependents and free-ride of CBA benefits.

Both parties presented their proposal on the abovementioned items.

On June 23, 2017, parties after series of separate meetings and with the facilitation of OIC-Dir. Reyes mutually agreed and came up with the forging of settlement.

Citing from the settlement report of OIC-Director Reyes, one significant item they agreed is the salary increase of P1,300.00 per month for 2017, 2018 and 2019.  In addition, 18 days of sick leave if unused are convertible to cash. This agreement is new as this was not included in their previous collective bargaining agreement, Reyes said.

 In addition, the management commits for voluntary compliance on regularization as mandated under DOLE Department Order No. 174 after re-evaluation of the existing manpower.

The company, Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corp. (PJACC), is one of the world’s finest manufacturers of activated carbon from coconut shell charcoal.  Activated carbon is widely used to absorb organic compounds from water and wastewater.  It provides a means of removing tastes and odors from drinking water.

PJACC has a total workforce of one hundred twenty three (123) and it is represented by Executive Vice President/General Manager, Mr. Takashi Tokumori, a Japanese National.

The union, Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa PJAC-FDLO is the sole and exclusive bargaining agent and represents sixty seven (67) rank and file employees.  It is headed by its Union President, Mr. Normalito Belandres, Sr.