Davao City – The Branch conducted its first Green our DOLE Program (GoDP) for 2021 last March 25 at the rooftop of the AMQ Building where the Regional Branch is located.

Despite the pandemic, Regional Branch Director Aerrine Marie R. Reyes advocated for the conduct of this activity. “It is important that we do not stop caring for our environment. The impact of climate change, natural disaster and ecological imbalance continues even amidst this pandemic. Thus, as humans, we should continue to care, to organize activities such as clean-ups or tree-planting, to use materials and equipment that are environment-friendly, to segregate waste, to minimize energy consumption and many more. As for RCMB XI, we continue this initiative now by planting more plants in our office.” Reyes explained.

Senior Labor Employment Officer Cary Jun P. Montero,  GoDP focal, shared that “All of the Branch’s employees and contracted workers participated in this event. For this activity, the Branch ordered semi-grown Bougainvillea in pots. We then transplanted it to the plant boxes, placed some fertilizers and watered it. The Branch expects that the plant boxes in the rooftop will be full of violet, yellow and white flowers and leaves when these Bougainville are fully grown. The plants can even be seen from across the road.”

“The Branch aims to implement the GoDP Program once a quarter. Should there be an abatement in the quarantine protocols and the number of COVID cases in Davao city, the Branch may consider to conduct a GoDP activity in areas where there is heavier necessity for tree-planting or clean-ups.” Reyes elaborated.

Bougainvillea are thorny ornamental vines which produces an inflorescence or a cluster of flowers with one cluster containing three flowers. Each of these flowers is surrounded by three to six colored leaves which are known as Bracts. Bougainvillea can grow up to 12 meters. Besides flowers, it also produces thorns in its stems.

Green our DOLE Program is a DOLE advocacy that seeks to strengthen awareness and consciousness on the concepts, principles and applications of green productivity. It also aims to contribute to mitigation solutions on climate change. Gary B. Bonghanoy