Settlement of the Preventive Mediation (PM) case between Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI) and Pepsi-Cola Employees and Workers Union-FCCU SENTRO/IVF (PCEWU) last October 13, 2020 led 11 employees deciding to marry.

The PCEWU filed for PM last September 17, 2020 for unfair labor practice specifically what is stipulated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that illegitimate children cannot avail hospitalization benefits. The Union took this exclusion as discrimination against women and their children. PCEWU has 19 unmarried or solo-parent members who have illegitimate children.

Last September 23, PCEWU and PCPPI discussed this issue in an online conciliation conference. PCPPI management manifested that the hospitalization benefits and educational loan are within the province of management perspectives. Instead, PCPPI offered to enrol these employees to PEPSI Kasalan.

Following two conciliation conferences and separate meetings, 11 employees decided to get married under the PEPSI Kasalan program, a regular program of their company which assists employees in the processing of marriage requirements and pay for some wedding expenses. The Management committed to pay for the Church Wedding Fees which includes the arrae, chord, veil, flowers, one (1) layer of regular chiffon cake for each, and one (1) case of Pepsi products. After the employees’ marriage, they can apply to legitimize their children which will take at least two months to be approved. In addition, the local management, by practice, made some exceptional approvals to those application to said benefits or loans for illegitimate children of union members, provided that it is within their authority.

The Union opted to study their next options for those filing employees who decided not to marry yet. On the other hand, the two (2) solo parents agreed to resort their unresolved issue to Voluntary Arbitration. They proceeded with the selection of VA, submission agreement, and formulation of issue/s last October 21, 2020.

Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc. is engaged in the manufacture and sale of Pepsi Cola beverages with principal office address at Km. 29 National Road, Tunasan, Muntinlupa City while its plant in Davao City is located at Dumoy, Talomo District.  It employs 350 workers and its Manager is Gerald Ian E. Conlu.  

Pepsi-Cola Employees and Workers Union is the Sole and Exclusive Bargaining Agent of the Rank and File employees of PCPPI and is affiliated with Federation & Cooperation of Cola Beverage & allied Industry – Union SENTRO.  It has a total membership of 204 and is headed by its Union President, Ms. Mercedes B. Abucayon. Gary B. Bonghanoy