DAVAO CITY. The Preventive Mediation case filed by Iluminada Farms Incorporated Employees Union (IFIEU) against management of Iluminada Farms Incorporated was settled by National Conciliation and Mediation Board, Regional Branch XI.

Parties come into mutually compromise agreement last July 30, this year, after adamant conciliation facilitated by OIC Director Ma. Theresa M. Francisco with a total negotiated separation package amounting to Php 1,154,392.79 was given to the affected workers.

“Payout of the partial separation package plus the unpaid sickness incentives leave, 13th month pay and other benefits amounted to Php 889,310.00 due them were granted to the seven remaining union members, last July 30”, OIC Director Francisco said. “The remaining amount of Php 265,082.79 was released last August 4, following the signing of individual waiver, and release and quit claims”, Francisco added.

The dispute started when members of the union aired issues on the alleged Unfair Labor Practices specifically union busting and non-regularization of employees which they formally filed to this Office on June 30 and was docketed as NCMB-RBXI-PM-06-019-2014.

Though the management manifested they are willing to give separation pay even the company is experiencing financial distress and soon be took over by new owner, still during the initial conciliation conference, union validated the issues are as follows: 1.) Alleged harassment of the management to the union members and forced them to vacate the staff houses they occupied at the farm site for almost 20 years; 2.) Termination of 14 workers for alleged gross misconduct and abandonment of work; 3.) Management’s ploy to close the company on July 30, 2014 per Notice of Closure filed at DOLE-ROXI and through a “buy-out plan” with another family corporation; 4.) Continued hiring of agency-based employees as replacement for terminated regular workers; and 5.) Underpayment of wages for agency-hired employees.

“We are very thankful that our sentiments were heard and this case was resolved”, IFIEU President Jessie Precion said representing the union. “We also acknowledge the generosity of the management for giving us housing materials and for the free delivery of the same”, he added.

IFIEU is affiliated with the Association of Labor Union-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) and has a total of 120 members, all regular farm workers.

Meanwhile, Iluminada Farms Incorporated was represented by Mr. Norman S. Domingo, Farm Manager and Atty. Geraldine Quimosing-Tiu, Legal Counsel. The company is located at Prk. 1, Bago Gallera, Talomo District, this city and has a total employment of 138 workers.#dmg1