The Regional Branch XI of NCMB successfully conducted the plant-level enhancement seminar on Workplace Cooperation and Partnership Programs particularly Grievance Handling and Voluntary Arbitration, Labor Management Cooperation Concept and the Framework of LMC Convergence of Programs, GAD, SENA and Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 (R.A. 7877).

The seminar was conducted on February 10, 2017 at the Ritz Hotel, Garden Oases, Davao City with a total of 14 participants represented by management executives and union officers of Union Galvasteel Corporation. The company belongs to medium enterprise manufacturing industry and has a total workforce of 139 with 102 male and 37 female employees.

The training was designed to teach participants the proper handling of their grievances and to enhance their skills in managing labor-management related issues and concerns. It will also serve as a venue for both the management and union to have more in depth understanding and appreciation of the proper managing of labor-management related issues and concerns.

The management and union considered the seminar timely because of their desire to enhance their skills not only on their respective roles but also in dealing with interpersonal relationship, specifically in dealing with the differences with their co-workers. This is of great help for them to know, be oriented and understand the process, the proper handling and management of their grievances for peaceful and speedy resolution without compromising their relationship.

Aside from the learning modules enumerated, the branch was also able to impart some of the learning insights on productivity programs learned from the Singapore Productivity and Innovation training. They were encouraged and given the picture of an ideal labor management relations through sharing the actual practices of Singapore having a strong, dynamic and stable working relationship with the advent of tripartism. JED A. BADILLES

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