NCMB-RBXI Helps Mitigate Climate Change

Through Green Our DOLE Program


Personnel, Officers and other staff of the branch in coordination with the barangay in Matina Pangi and the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) of Davao City made way for another tree planting, the fourth activity for 2018 on Green Our DOLE Program (GODP) of the branch on December 7, 2018 at the river bank of Matina Pangi, Km. 6.5, Davao City, OIC-Director Aerrine Marie Reyes announced.



The said barangay with its bantay ilog/gubat volunteers under the leadership of Barangay Captain Benjamin Badon together with Mercelita Mobalos and company of CENRO warmly supported NCMB for this initiative. 



“We planted 200 Malibago trees at the riverbank.  Thanks for the support of Capt. Badon and CENRO” Cary Jun Montero, Green Our DOLE Program focal said.



These trees can survive even without regularly taking care of them, one of the bantay ilog/gubat volunteers said.  “These trees can help prevent the flood from reaching our houses.  The incident in June 2011 flash flood remained a traumatic experience for us.  We and our neighbors were able to escape from the flood by passing through our house’s roof”, he added.

 “Many volunteers have planted in this area including some Japanese citizens who fervently came here from Japan for this activity”, one of the volunteers stated.

The said tragedy serves as their lesson to go on planting and preserving trees at the riverbank in the area.

This activity helps us connect with nature.  Above all, we are able to help mitigate climate change in our own little way as this has become one of our biggest concerns here on planet earth.

As indicated in Wikipedia, mitigation may also be achieved by increasing the capacity of carbon sinks, e.g., through reforestation.

We also integrated in this activity Gender and Development (GAD) program and disseminated IEC Materials related to Violence Against Women (VAW) and campaigned against violence to women through barangay Matina Pangi volunteers.  Sheila A. Rivera