Lapanday Foods Corp. Agrees to Utilize their

Labor Management Cooperation (LMC)

and Grievance Machinery (GM)


“NCMB-RBXI facilitated the settlement of the labor dispute between Integrated Supervisors Union-APSOTEU-TUCP and Lapanday Foods Corp.”, OIC-Director Aerrine Marie R. Reyes announced today.

The Integrated Supervisors Union-Associated Professional, Supervisory, Office and Technical Employees Union (APSOTEU)-Trade Union Congress of the Phil. (TUCP) filed a preventive mediation case with this office on the issue of violation of CBA provision specifically on Article X in relation to the transfer of one of the union members and status of the affected HIJO supervisors.  This was in connection with the takeover of farm operations of Nader & Ebrahim s/o Hassan Philippines, Inc.

OIC-Director Reyes said, “The case was already settled on July 5, 2018. The parties deliberated and agreed the issues”.

The parties informed the office that the transfer of one of the union members to Hijo Harvest Operations effective July 4, 2018 was already accepted by the latter.

Parties agreed to remand their issue at their level and discuss in their labor-management cooperation (LMC) meeting and utilize their grievance machinery regarding the status of Hijo union members who will be affected by the transfer of operation to Nader & Ebrahim s/o Hassan Philippines.

Hence, the union requested for payment of 50% separation pay for the affected workers but are still interested to be reassigned to other LFC farms and 100% separation pay for those who are no longer interested to continue working with other LFC farms.

Lapanday Foods Corp. is a domestic corporation engaged in plantation and exportation of Cavendish banana.  It office is located at Maryknoll Drive, Pampanga, Davao City.  It is represented by Mr. Hernani P. Geronimo, Strategic Human Resources and Shared Services.

Integrated Supervisors Union-APSOTEU-TUCP represents for collective bargaining purposes the fifty one (51) supervisors and is headed by Mr. Simplecio S. Paglinawan, Jr., Industrial Relations Officer, Associated Labor Union-Southern Mindanao Region.  Sheila A. Rivera