Lapanday Foods Corp. Agrees to Utilize Grievance Machinery


The National Conciliation and Mediation Board, Regional Branch No. XI successfully resolves labor dispute between Global Fruits Corporation Integrated Employees Union-Associated Labor Union-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, OIC-Director Aerrine Marie R. Reyes announced today.

On June 14, 2018 the union requested the branch for an intervention through Notice of Strike on the ground of union busting, harassment, intimidation and coercion.

On June 21, 2018, during the conciliation conference, Concilator-mediator Oliver C. Jao validated that this case rose from the piece-rate scheme implemented by the management which resulted to the non-inclusion of overtime pay for services rendered beyond 8 hours since employees were being paid based on their output and not on hours rendered.   Thus, employees decided to limit their working hours to 8 hours only.

After some discussion, parties then agreed to discuss their issue at the plant level and utilize their grievance procedure.

Plant level discussion is where parties try to resolve their issue by themselves or within their company and utilize either Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) or Grievance Machinery (GM), two of the main programs of NCMB.

Lapanday Foods Corp. is an integrated grower, packer and shipper of premium-quality tropical fresh produce based in Mindanao.  It has 30 years of experience as a grower, supplier and exporter of export-quality Cavendish bananas to international markets as stated in the website, http//  Its principal place is at Maryknoll Drive, Bo. Pampanga, Davao City.

Global Fruits Corp. Integrated Employees Union, its union is affiliated with Associated Labor Union-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) of 302 members.  It is headed by Franklin S. Fajota, local Union President.  Sheila A. Rivera