Highland Banana Corp. Embraces Grievance Handling


“I would like the people to be equipped in handling issues and concerns and conflicts at their level. If there is a complaint, you will settle the issue.  Call the concerned employee of his infraction.  But the question is how to handle this.  That is why NCMB will teach us how to deal with this.” These were the notable words of Mr. Larry Carmen, HR Manager during the seminar.

RCMBXI conducted skills enhancement seminar on grievance handling for two batch namely Highland Banana Corp. in Sirib and Guianga plantations.


The first batch was conducted for the participants of Highland Banana Corp.-Sirib on February 9, 2019 at HBC, Multipurpose Hall, Subasta, Calinan, Davao City. 34 attended the session who were parcel supervisors, coordinators and labor union officers headed by Mr. Ruben Cutane, union president of Highland Banana Corp. Sirib which is affiliated with the Associated Labor Union-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP).


Ms. Nancy L. Lasquite, Supervising Labor and Employment Officer (LEO), the resource speaker said, “If there is a problem in your workplace, there are steps to follow to resolve this. This is called your grievance procedure.  This is found in your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).”

“If your grievance procedure is not exhausted, then Voluntary Arbitration has no jurisdiction at all,” she added.

Ms. Lasquite presented very well the topic on grievance handling and included jurisprudence and topic on termination disputes.

In the afternoon, Ms. Lasquite gave a mock grievance session.  Two groups portrayed the role of management and labor in a given case study.


One union officer in his role as management said “It’s very hard to decide on the issue of a grievant employee who is about to be terminated because he was already replaced by another employee but was considered permanent in his position. While the complainant was on leave because he was waiting for his employment abroad, his employment continues. But then this complainant already reaches seven months which is considered permanent in status.”

Another management officer in his role as the complainant said “I am asking for regularization because I already reached seven months in your company.”

Likewise, the second group portrayed their role very well.  Management employees portrayed as management representatives while labor union officers portrayed as the labor group.


The second batch was conducted for Highland Banana Corp.-Guianga held on February 16, 2019 at the same venue. There were 31 participants who were parcela leaders, team leaders and union officers.

Its union is Highland Banana Corp. Guianga Sirib Labor Union, an independent union headed by Mr. Rico Porlares, union president.

They were, likewise divided into two groups for a mock session in the afternoon.



Both groups portrayed their role very well and were able to come up with a good decision.

One group stated, “Since your position was already replaced by another while you were on leave and that you are already considered permanent status, we will offer you a separation pay in accordance with the law. Rest assured, you will be included in the list if there is a vacant position in the future.”

Ms. Lasquite shared, “Management must be aware to make a black and white or a document and observe due process to prevent any possible conflicts that may arise in the future.” Sheila A. Rivera