“It’s not easy to terminate employees from employment. It has to be based on just causes or authorized causes.” Atty. Sobreviñas emphasized during the successful area-wide labor education hosted by Davao Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators Organization, Inc. in cooperation with the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, Regional Branch No. XI on May 27, 2016 held at the Grand Men Seng Hotel, A. Pichon St., Davao City.

There were a total of 123 participants with 46 female and 77 male. They were coming from Davao City to as far as Mati, Davao Oriental, General Santos City and North Cotabato. Overall, there were eight (8) organized companies and seven (7) unorganized companies that were pre-facilitated.

One of the four (4) honourable resource speakers was Atty. Francis Sobreviñas. Dean Sobreviñas is a lecturer from the UP College of Law. He is also one of the Voluntary Arbitrators of NCMB and member of the Philippine Association of Voluntary Arbitrators.

A major breakthrough was Dean Sobreviñas topic in the latest jurisprudence on labor cases wherein he cited different Supreme Court decisions on the grounds of preventive suspension, termination of employment and unfair labor practice.
The second resource speaker is the Vice-President of DAVAO, Inc. and Vice-President for PAVA-Mindanao, Mr. Alfredo C. Olvida. He talked about grievance machinery and Voluntary Arbitration by presenting the sources and grounds for grievance, the process in grievance handling, the standards steps in grievance procedure and its benefits. In addition, he presented the procedure on Voluntary Arbitration as well as its benefits.

An open forum was conducted and facilitated by AVA J. Ricky Tagabucba.

Another resource speaker was Atty. Ronieto Bata, an accredited Voluntary Arbitrator in Region XI. His discussion was focused on the recent jurisprudence on labor standards such as presenting the definition of managerial employees and their exemption from the coverage of labor standards, overtime pay of a driver, compressed workweek scheme, deduction for loss or damage, company practice, evidentiary value of daily time records (DTRs) and others.

Lastly, Atty. Jason Balais, Assistant Regional Director of the Department of Labor and Employment, Regional Office XI shared on the updates on labor situation in Region XI.

Davao Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators Organization, Inc. was formerly known as the Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators, Region XI. It is an association of Voluntary Arbitrators in Region XI accredited by NCMB. They are a pool of legal practitioners, HR Managers and labor leaders with at least five (5) years of experience in labor-management relations.