DAVAO, Inc. Pilots Area-wide Seminar on 

Human Relation


After barely two years of not having organized an area-wide seminar, the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch XI in partnership with Davao Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators Organization (DAVAO), Inc. finally conducted one for this year featuring topics on Workplace Bullying, Effective Strategies/Approaches of Human Relation, Latest Jurisprudence on Labor and Drug Menace in the Workplace on September 20, 2019 at the Grand Men Seng Hotel.


There were 103 representatives from different companies from different industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, administrative and support service activities, transportation and storage, construction, human health and social work activities, mining and many others who participated in the said activity.

AVA Alfredo C. Olvida, current President of DAVAO, Inc. gave the welcome remarks to all the participants and guests.


Resource speakers were also the Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators and one representative from Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency XI.  Atty. Ronieto B. Bata, Vice President of DAVAO, Inc. talked on “Workplace Bullying.”  AVA Napoleon U. Trillanes, Treasurer of DAVAO, Inc. discussed about “Effective Strategies/Approaches of Human Relation and Atty. Ruben V. Abarquez, one of the Board of Directors of DAVAO, Inc. thoroughly discussed about the recent Supreme Court decisions.  The last topic which was “Drug Menace in the Workplace” was presented by Ms. Lakambini S. Enriquez of PDEA.

Davao Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators Organization (DAVAO), Inc. is one of the social partners of NCMB which is a pool of accredited Voluntary Arbitrators and is separate and private entity.  It handles VA cases which is a terminal step of grievance procedure.  They decide over issues which cover all unresolved grievances arising from the interpretation or implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and all unresolved grievances arising from the implementation or enforcement of company personnel policies. Sheila A. Rivera