DAVAO, Inc. Brings In

Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring and Correcting (COCOMECO)



Davao City – The National Conciliation and Mediation Board, Regional Branch No. XI in cooperation with the Davao Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators Organization (DAVAO), Inc. with its Speakers Bureau conducted a Skills Enhancement Seminar on How to Effectively Deal with Difficult People and Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring and Correcting (COCOMECO) on November 10, 2018 in Manuel Guianga and Sirib Growers Employees (MAGSIGE) Multipurpose Cooperative located at Purok 13, Villafuerte St., Calinan.

This seminar aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of supervisors and managers in handling and dealing with their subordinates, Richard B. Rosales, HRD Manager emphasized during his welcome remarks.


Rosamyrna T. Gallego, one of the Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators of NCMB was the Resource Speaker for the whole day activity to 18 participants of MAGSIGE MPC.  AVA Gallego is also presently the Vice President for Finance and Admin. of C. Alcantara & Sons, Inc.

AVA Gallego presented in the morning 10 most unwanted difficult behaviours in the workplace.

One of these is the act of sniping.  “Kini nga tawo mahilig magtago para dili makit-an, magtsismis ug magpadungog” (This person likes to hide so that he cannot be seen, making gossip and indirectly utter words that attack or hit the other person),  AVA Gallego stressed out.

“If, for instance, a worker goes to the HR to reveal a certain act of his/her co-worker because it could endanger the company, is it still an act of sniping?”  Richard Rosales clarified.

“Yes, it is still an act of sniping”, AVA Gallego answered and clearly explained the best thing to do.

In the afternoon, AVA Gallego thoroughly discussed about the topic on Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling and Correcting.

“When do you coach, mentor, counsel, correct?  How keen are you on checking the problems of your people?” AVA Gallego asked the participants.

The activity was made more exciting as some of the participants enjoyed their role playing on how to give instructions to a subordinate as well as how to counsel an erring employee.

Participants wholeheartedly thanked AVA Gallego for sharing her knowledge and wisdom.  Mr. Agripino Torres, the CEO of MAGSIGE MPC, in his closing remarks, likewise, greatly thanked Gallego for sharing her time and learning to them and positively encouraged all the participants to apply them in their respective functions and duties.

MAGSIGE-MPC was organized and registered with the Cooperative Development Authority on September 10, 2008.  It was formed by Mr. Agripino L. Torres to improve the employment status of the employees working in the banana plantations.  It offers labor services (job contracting services) to agricultural and industrial companies as well as savings and loan and marketing of basic commodities to its member workers (  It now has 15,000 plus member workers as confirmed by Mr. Rosales.

It expands its business to sewing, a DOLE Assisted Livelihood Project that provides employment for unemployed wives and children of employees. They accept job orders for t-shirt, laboratory gowns and uniforms for schools and offices.  Recently, they purchased an embroidery machine for t-shirts and polo shirts.  Sheila A. Rivera