The Branch successfully conducted two virtual seminars entitled “Workplace Cooperation and Partnership Programs” for the month of June for the setting up of Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) and Grievance Machinery (GM) in three companies.

The first online seminar was conducted with NSWC Multipurpose Cooperative last June 11, 2021. The seminar was attended by 11 individuals, of which eight (8) were management representatives and three (3) were workers.

Online Seminar with NSWC Multipurpose Cooperative last June 11, 2021

The second seminar was conducted last June 15, 2021 via Zoom for two companies namely B-Mirk Enterprise Corporation and B-Mirk Multipurpose Cooperative. There were 11 individuals, both from management and labor, who attended this online seminar.

Online Seminar with B-Mirk Enterprises Corporation and B-Mirk Multipurpose Cooperative last June 15, 2021

Both seminars highlighted the conceptual framework of Labor Management Cooperation, Grievance Machinery and Voluntary Arbitration (VA), which are the main programs of the Board.

Supervising Labor Employment Officer Nancy L. Lasquite explained that LMC is a state of relations where labor and management work hand in hand to accomplish certain goals using mutually acceptable means. “LMC is a continuing process of enhancing mutual trust and respect. Thus, it is important that workers and management engage in (a) information–sharing, (b) discussion, (c) consultation, and (d) negotiations. These are schemes of workers’ participation in the decision-making process.” Lasquite elucidated.

On another note, Senior Labor Employment Officer Cary Jun P. Montero explained the Grievance Machinery Program. “GM follows a series of formal steps that parties to a collective bargaining agreement or workers and management agreed to take for the adjustment of grievances including voluntary arbitration as the terminal step.” Montero explained.

NSWC Multipurpose Cooperative is a manpower service provider located at Purok 12 Lentija St., Plainsville, Poblacion, Compostela, Davao de Oro. They employ a total of 527 employees, of which 224 are female employees and 209 are male workers. NSWC Multipurpose Cooperative is headed by its General Manager, Susana B. Manugas.

B-Mirk Enterprise Corporation and B-Mirk Multipurpose Cooperative are sister companies that are both headed by the same person with the position of President, Mr. Isauro San Pedro. In addition, both are manpower service providers located at 2nd Floor, Door 13, MGR Building, Matina Crossing, Davao City. B-Mirk Enterprise Corporation employs 752 male workers and 460 female employees while B-Mirk Multipurpose Cooperative has a workforce of 100 male employees. Gary B. Bonghanoy