Good News

Davao City – The Regional Branch employees practiced the 7s to maintain a safe and efficient office in 2020.

The 7S or otherwise known as Sort, Systemize, Sweep, Self-Discipline, and Standardize (5S) plus Spirit and Safety, is a method of organization which envisions to make the workplace safe, efficient and effective. It aims to create a clean, uncluttered environment that allows people to do their jobs without wasting time, while ensuring the safety of employees. The first five words in the 7S, which represent the first five steps to accomplish this objective, are based from the original Japanese 5S: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke.

The Branch practiced the 7S in the following manner:

Sort (Seiri) – Employees of the Branch identified from their workstations items or documents that they do not use regularly. Items not regularly used were sorted to be filed in nearby storage spaces. For example, the accounting unit stores the payment vouchers from the previous months in a nearby cabinet.

Set or Systemize (Seiton) – The Branch used colored filing vouchers to separate documents of different classifications. In the Branch’s case, blue vouchers were used for administrative and financial documents, green for Labor Management Cooperation (LMC) and Grievance Machinery (GM) files, red for conciliation and mediation files, and white for voluntary arbitration documents.

Sweep or Shine (Seiso) – Employees maintained their workstation and workplace clean and clutter-free. In addition, the employees provided full support to the initiatives of the Branch to clean uncommon areas in the office and even volunteered for such tasks. This was the case for the re-organization of the office’s book storage as well as the repainting of the building last December 2020.

Branch’s employees volunteered to help in repainting the office last December 2020

Standardize (Seiketsu) – Employees had incessantly implemented sorting, systemizing and sweeping in their workplaces. This helped the Branch’s employees to be comfortable and productive while working.

Self-Discipline or Sustain (Shitsuke) – Throughout the months, the Branch sustained the implementation of a clean, organized and safe workplace station by continuously reminding its employees and allowing them to develop good work habits. In addition, communication was a key element to sustain the practice of 7S.

Safety – To ensure a proper response could be executed during emergencies, the branch sorted out expired or unusable safety equipment such as fire extinguishers. Then, the Branch ordered the procurement of new fire extinguishers.

Spirit – The Branch conducted regular weekly meeting among staff members to allow updating of work deliverables and to ensure effective collaboration. In addition, appreciation and credit were given to employees who made exemplary performance for a certain activity or case.

“Our Branch achieved success in keeping our office clean, organized and motivated through the 7S. I encourage everyone to follow these principles as these will help your employees become more productive and comfortable in their workstation as well as decrease risk of occupational hazards.” Regional Branch Director Aerrine Marie Reyes affirmed. Gary B. Bonghanoy